Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some thoughts on Google Chrome

This post is not meant to insult the Chrome team but instead i have to praise them to have done an excellent job in introducing a fast and different browser than the others. 

I have been using the Google Chrome browser for a few months now and i noticed the following shortcomings which i think can be further improved in future release of the Chrome.

1. I am a premium Rapidshare user and when i used Chrome to login, I tried to download files using FlashGet but FlashGet was not able to detect the Rapidshare cookies. This does not happen in IE or FireFox. In addition, Chrome could not seem to remember login cookies from some web sites that used to visit.

2. I tested a web project that i developed using the famous JQuery library with Chrome, some functions did not work as expected. What i believe is JQuery is suppose to be compatible cross browsers and should be working fine with Chrome.

3. Some existing CSSs are not working well with the Chrome. For example, some table formattings will be out of the ordinary with bad content alignment.

4. There's is no online bookmark storage available for use, therefore it's not really convenient to share the same bookmark across different PCs. In addition, if Chrome allows me to modify a bookmark icon, that will be more fancy to use.

Even though with all the temporary shortcomings, I still have high hope on getting a perfect browser in the future releases.