Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tip: Installing Chinese Font and Input Into BlackBerry Bold 9700

It's really frustrating when actually looks into the Google and found out that the only way to install a new language and input methods into your BlackBerry phone is to get it from your wireless Internet Provider when you already have a different OS version installed. There are 2 ways that we can install the extra language packs into the phone.

1. Wipe the entire BlackBerry phone using JL_Cmder and reinstall the OS that contains the language pack that you require.
2. Use the BBSAK(BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife) without have to wipe out your phone.

Based on the available option it's obvious that i go for option 2 which is easy and safe (if you use it properly).BBSAK offers you a comprehensive set of actions that you can use to install language files. The Chinese language files you can download from this link, which i got from

Follow the following instruction when using BBSAK:
1. Download and install BBSAK
2. Extract the language files to any folder.
3. Open up the BBSAK and go to "Modify CODs" tab.
4. Click on "Install CODs" and select all the language files that you want to install.
5. Click Ok and you are done. I tested it using the iSpeech application that used to show black boxes before i installed the language files, and here's the result.