Monday, March 5, 2012

Tip: MS Web Based Report Viewer Showing Blank Screen

If you are encountering problem with blank report, please make sure that all the report's input parameters are defined in your code, i.e. where you've written logic to populate the report. The problem that I faced was I forgotten to fill in one of the parameters and it cost me few hours to find out.

Tip: Migrate Your Source Code to a New Team Foundation Server 2010

Original Source Control: Team Foundation Server 2010
New Source Control: Team Foundation Server 2010

The easiest way to move your source code from one server to another one is to rename your source code directory with a new name, then try to add the entire solution from within Visual studio 2010 by right clicking the solution, click "Add to Source Control...", and select the new TFS server.

This method can eliminate the problem of your code that still referencing the old TFS server, which is quite annoying.