Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tip:Workflow Service on Windows Azure?

There are several considerations to ponder upon before one really decide to create Workflow Service solution on Windows Azure. Windows Azure is still a pre-mature platform to me. Many things that can be done on premise are still not supported by Windows Azure. A big dissapointment for those who are looking ways to migrate existing Workflow Service solution to the Windows Azure platform because of the lack of support at the moment. Below I list down a few considerations to think of:

1. Does the Workflow Service has a set of static xamlx files? Because Windows Azure does not support dynamic creation of the file once the service is deployed.
2. Does your Workflow Service makes use of SQL persistance store? Activity that can trigger a workflow instance to save into the database will have problem, because there's no service provided in Windows Azure that can automatically check runable instances.
3. Does your Workflow Service replies on Windows Server AppFabric? Windows Azure AppFabric is not the same as Windows Server AppFabric. The Workflow Management Service and Service Management Service are missing from the Windows AzureAppFabric.

There might be some other considerations, but these are the one for now.