Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tip: Browser rowspan vs rowSpan when using JavaScript

It's weird that IE7 is case sensitive towards the 'rowspan' property of a table cell. We have to use 'rowSpan' so that IE7 can recognize it and run web page properly. I have tried both the names using FireFox, it was working fine without problem.

For example, this wont work in IE:
table1.cells[0].rowspan = 3;
This will work in IE:
table1.cells[0].rowSpan = 3;

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tip: IE8 running on Windows 7 is slow.

Recently I am experiencing slowness on a web site that i am developing. When i tried to scroll down a page, the browser behaves jerky and non consistent. In other words, the scrolling is not smooth like what i tested in FireFox.

After searching much on the Internet, I discovered that some IE plugins might potentially slowing down the browser. Another obvious problem that some plugins can cause is huge memory consumption which eventually slows down the browser significantly. I had this experience whereby the Windows Live plugin actually eats up a lot of memory.
So please turn off all the unused plugins from the browser to make it fast again.