Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Not Meeting Expectation

I have been using Internet Explorer 8 for a while even before I upgraded my OS to Windows 7. When talk about browser performance I can say that IE is still not the best around. When many tabs are opened, the browser tends to act sluggishly and consuming high CPU and memory. I tried to disable all of the IE add ons but still it does not help much. The most serious case that i ever met is when i visit pages that contain complex strucutre and animation, IE is like totally dead after a while. For example, a page that contains a long table with many records and when records are updated periodically, IE sucks. If i am to compare with other browser such as FireFox 3, the performance of the FireFox is much better than IE in many ways. CPU usage and memory consumption is one noticable difference if compared to IE when browsing through heavy pages. Page scrolling of FireFox is much smoother than IE for long list of table.

Summary, the way that IE8 is built really give a big hit to online businesses that provide highly sophitiscated functions and UI, users are just requesting more and more but there is nothing much can be done or rather the limit is caused by how IE perform eventually. I hope IE 9 will give something that the users are expecting (i.e. speed + stability).

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