Friday, March 25, 2011

Tip: JavaScript "unload" event myth for IE8

I came across the needs to save certain state to the web server using Ajax when a user navigates away from a page, so i tried to use the browser (IE8) "unload" event to do it.
One thing that i noticed when using the "unload" event is that, once the user clicks on a new link to navigate to a new page, browser will first send the request to web server causing the "pageLoad" function to be triggered then only the Ajax request is process in the web server.
If the next page that the user navigates to relies on the first page state, there will be problem because the new page is loading without getting the data from previous page.

My workaround is not to rely on the "unload" event, but to use user action to save the state. For example, when the user clicks on a link to do popup, after the popup immediately save the state to server. It's costly but working for now.

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